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Timothy has 18 years of personal experience studying the financial markets. Formerly a cycle analysis financial radio talk show host and former Registered Investment Advisor. Winner of a CNBC “Beat the Street” stock picking contest. Tim left the business as a professional over ten years ago to focus on research only. He and his talented team have dedicated years and logged thousands of hours developing a highly specialized comprehensive proprietary research filtering method. This method works the same way across all financial instrument types such as stocks, options, ETF’s, commodities, futures, and currencies.

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Sign Up Today! is a daily stock and option newsletter that utilizes our unique, comprehensive, proprietary research method, which combines technical, fundamental, cycle, float, sentiment and broader market analysis, along with market psychology. We believe an aggregate comprehensive analytic approach is necessary to increase profit, lower overall risk, preserve capital and succeed in the investment markets. We’ve worked years and logged thousands of hours creating our high-profit, low-risk method. is a daily stock newsletter that utilizes our unique, comprehensive, proprietary research method, which combines technical, fundamental, cycle, float, risk, sentiment and broader market analysis, along with market psychology. We believe an aggregate comprehensive analytical approach is necessary to increase profit, lower overall risk, preserve capital and succeed in the investment markets.

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We provide unlimited picks through our proprietary research method. We include our 2 newsletters with different styles of investing including Swing Trading, Biotech, ETF’s, Momentum Stocks, IPO’s, Longterm, Low Price and Channeling Stocks. Our basic email service provides both entry’s and exits before the market and during trading hours. Once we send out a email, we also send out a push notification letting our mobile subscribers know the email has been sent out.

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Trade Reversal LLC is a research publisher of & newsletters for all financial instrument types including Stocks, Options, and ETF’s. We offer a collection of specialized newsletter alerts for active traders and longer term investors with different styles of trading (i.e. Swing Trading, Day Trading and Long term investing ); highly specialized alerts that cover Technology stocks, Blue Chip stocks, Dividend stocks, Large Cap, Mid Cap and Small Cap stocks, Biotech, Channeling stocks and Volatile stocks. Specialized Sectors such as Biotech, Technology, Retail, Energy, Financial, Solar, Alternative Energy, Cloud Computing, 3D Printing and many others.

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