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Trade Reversal LLC is a research publisher of a multi-newsletter network for all financial instrument types including Stocks, Options, and ETF’s. We offer a collection of specialized newsletters for active traders and longer term investors with different styles of trading (i.e. Swing Trading, Day Trading and Long term investing ); highly specialized newsletters that cover Technology stocks, Blue Chip stocks, Dividend stocks, Large Cap, Mid Cap and Small Cap stocks, Biotech, Channeling stocks and Volatile stocks. Specialized Sectors such as Biotech, Technology, Retail, Energy, Financial, Solar, Alternative Energy, Cloud Computing, 3D Printing and many others.

Our Proprietary Research

Our comprehensive proprietary research analysis method includes: technical, cycle, fundamental, float, risk, sentiment, broader market analysis along with market psychology. Our propriety research filters over 50 critical technical, cycle and fundamental criteria. We believe an aggregate comprehensive analytical approach is necessary to profit, lower overall risk, preserve capital and succeed in the investment markets.

Our proprietary research method filter identifies a lower risk stock or ETF’s key reversal price point just before it moves significantly higher in price. Once these stocks turn up in price they have the potential for explosive high percentage gains. Our research objectives are to find the stocks and ETF’s that have the potential to Make us the most money in the shortest period of time, be listed daily on the NYSE or NASDAQ highest percentage gainers lists, and to control or eliminate RISK often associated with the investment markets. We believe our Proprietary research method helps us achieve these goals.

Our research covers thousands of stocks including the hottest stocks traded and talked about on Wall Street today.  NYSE and Nasdaq. This includes the DOW, S&P 500, Russell 2000, and AMEX.

Our proprietary Short Term, Intermediate and Long Term research timeframes helps us as active traders or long term investors.

Short term: 1-10 days including Day Trading, Swing trading, Wave Trading, Intraday Trading

Intermediate Term: Once a stock moves from a Short to Intermediate cycle, we identify weekly or monthly technical trends and cycle buy price points allowing us to hold and profit better over longer periods

Long term: Identify historical, oversold and multi-year cycle reversal buy price points for holding over longer time frames and selling at overbought, long term cycle profit peaks to avoid broader market corrections and bear markets.


Research and a lot of it is the only way one can truly reduce risk that can be controlled. Keep in mind I said reduce risk not eliminate it. Once you’ve taken a position in a stock you cannot completely eliminate 100% of the risk. No one can. So we focus on the risk that can be controlled and do it through our proprietary research.

We Don’t Chase Stocks. Once we’ve pre-determined and identified a low risk stock reversal price point we then move in and establish a position and wait for that position to reach our objectives. Because we have so many stock choices every day, if we miss that price and the stock takes off without us we just move onto the next one.  As soon as we identify a research stock idea we immediately pass it on to the subscriber.

Meet our team leader.

Timothy Stetintim-tr-sm

Timothy has 18 years of personal experience studying the financial markets. Formerly a cycle analysis financial radio talk show host and former Registered Investment Advisor. Winner of a CNBC “Beat the Street” stock picking contest. Tim left the business as a professional over ten years ago to focus on research only. He and his talented team have dedicated years and logged thousands of hours developing a highly specialized comprehensive proprietary research filtering method. This method works the same way across all financial instrument types such as stocks, options, ETF’s, commodities, futures, and currencies.

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