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Autotrading is a service that executes an investment newsletter’s trade alerts in an investor’s brokerage account. As an investment newsletter publishes email alerts to buy and sell stocks or options, the autotrading service receives those trade alerts directly and enters trades in each investor’s account. Each investor has their own private brokerage account; they just give the autotrader the permission to enter trades in that account. Only the investor can deposit or withdraw money from the account. The investor specifies how much money to allocate to each trade.

Autotrading services do not publish newsletters or recommend investments; they just execute the recommendations.

The newsletter provider has no access to the investor’s account or capital.


Steps to Setup

  1. Sign up for an account with the broker of your choice.
  2. Sign up for a account and request us to enable auto-trading for your account.
  3. Contact the broker to discuss your fund allocation strategies and share with them the email address you used for your account.
  4. Your broker will verify your membership with and you’re good to go!
  5. Sit back and watch your profits!


With whom do you autotrade ?


How to define your autotrade settings

Each broker’s method of defining account allocation and specific account settings are different. It’s best to contact your broker directly with any questions related to auto trading.

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