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Our Service

What do I need to start?

You will need a trading account at any brokerage firm

What type of brokerage account do I need?

Any type of trading account will work, we trade all stocks and ETFs, most accounts by default can trade both of those securities.

How much should I begin trading with?

This is all up to you and your risk tolerance, some subscribers start with 10,000 to 20,000 some higher, or lower. This just affects the amount of alerts you would be able to buy or sell.

DO NOT trade with your entire portfolio, Never put everything in one basket.

I have no experience in trading stocks or options, would I be able to follow your trades?


Can I view your Trading Room picks via text or instant message?

Yes, our chat room picks are available on our mobile app with push notifications for buys and sells while our newsletter picks are opened via email, and closed via email, along with a optional push notification to close a position.

Can I lose money with your system?

Yes, when trading the financial markets there is always a risk for loss. When trading reversals, we try to take out as much risk in the securities we trade as possible. But we can’t control every part. No trading system is perfect, but we strive to be better than the rest.

Do you have a mobile APP?

Yes we do, it is free, and you can download it at the apple or google storeipads


What do we do?

What exactly does your service do?

Trade Reversal LLC is a research publisher of a multi-newsletter network for all financial instrument types including Stocks, Options, and ETF’s. We offer a collection of specialized newsletters for active traders and longer term investors with different styles of trading (i.e. Swing Trading, Day Trading and Longterm investing ); highly specialized newsletters that cover Technology stocks, Blue Chip stocks, Dividend stocks, Large Cap, Mid Cap and Small Cap stocks, Biotech, Channeling stocks and Volatile stocks. Specialized Sectors such as Biotech, Technology, Retail, Energy, Financial, Solar, Alternative Energy, Cloud Computing, 3D Printing and many others.

Our comprehensive proprietary research analysis method includes technical, cycle, fundamental, float, risk, sentiment, broader market analysis along with market psychology. Our propriety research filters over 50 critical technical, cycle and fundamental criteria. We believe an aggregate comprehensive analytical approach is necessary to profit, lower overall risk, preserve capital and succeed in the investment markets.


How do you pick your trades?

We have a proprietary analysis that picks reversal points in stocks and ETF’s. This includes a technical model that alerts us of a general area. Then the human aspect looks over the stock or ETF for fundamental data, like news, earnings and we will label it with a risk level. If we still like the trade within the next day or two , we will send it out to our subscribers.

Should I expect an email from you every day?

Yes, depending on broader market conditions. If we are opening, or closing a position and you want to be notified of that specific newsletter, then you will receive a email.

We also send out general charts, market updates and sometimes audio files that you can listen to.

Do you actually make the same trades that you e-mail?

Though we do trade a lot of our alerts, we cannot trade every single reversal alert.

What is your past performance?

Please view our performance page.

Newsletters Performance Page

ETF Performance Page

Who can use our service?

Anyone who needs help navigating the markets. We offer something for everyone, from the active trader to the long term investor. Our chat room features daily picks, while our long term reversals area great for anyone buying and holding.


Do your alerts have a profit target?

Yes all of our picks have projected targets and timeframes.

Not all will hit our targets within the timeframes, but most do eventually hit the target.

If our research shows weakness in the broader market, we may choose to close our positions early with a smaller profit and wait for a lower buying opportunity. It is up to the subscriber what they would like to do, but we have shown over time, that small profits over and over can add up at the end of the year.

How will I receive the alerts?

Via email, chat alert, or push notification through our mobile app


How will i be notified of a new trade?

There are 3 ways. 

  1. Through Email
  2. Chat Room
  3. Push Notification through our mobile app


How long is each position held?

This depends on broader market conditions, we may have a target for a specific security but sell earlyer if we feel the security or the broader markets may be weak in the next few days. 

Do you use a stop loss?

If any of our positions are down more than 20% over a two day period, we exit out of those positions.

How many trades are made during each month?

Depending on broader market conditions, we may take 10 to 30 trades per month. 

How will I be notified of a new trade?

Depending on your settings for your account, you may choose to receive email alerts, chat room alerts and mobile alerts. This can be turned on and off depending on the newsletter, and chat room feature to specify only certain newsletters and or alerts you want to receive.

Do you use stop losses?

Yes, we do.

What exactly do you trade?

All stocks, and ETFs.

When are trades opened?



Do you offer Auto trading?

Yes, through Global Autotrading,

Click here to see our Autotrading page. 


Is TradeReversal affiliated with any Brokers or Brokerage Services?

No TradeReversal 

Do you offer autotrading?

Yes we do


How do I subscribe?

Through our sign up page, we offer a free trial so you can login, look around and get acquainted with our service.

How much is your service?

Our newsletter and alert service for our 10 newsletters, plus chat and mobile app is $99.95 a month.

This includes

  • One way Chat Journal w/ Alerts
  • Mobile Access to Alerts and Push notifications
  • Weekly Broader Market Update w/ Charts and Commentary

How do I cancel my subscription?

Please visit your members only area, click on “Payments History” and then click the “Cancel Subscription” link. This will cancel all future reoccurring billing.

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