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Broader market update for the week of 6/9/2014 – 6/13/2014 and forecast into 2016.

Our research shows the broader markets are entering the final euphoric run up which will likely last into the end of the year. Our next upside target for the DJIA is 17700-18200. This target should be achieved within the next two months in early August with one pullback in between. We will stay long and buy any intraday pullbacks until the 17600 level is achieved. Then position ourselves for the end of year push higher above 18,000. Since the 1999 tech wreck the broader markets have experienced 15 years of consolidation. Next year we believe the markets will suffer a substantial correction.. Our research shows DJIA dropping below 11,000 and lasting into early 2016. Next week we’ll provide a hundred year plus chart analysis of the DJIA and explain why we believe this will happen. As the end of the year draws closer we’ll give you our research forecast predictions extending out past 2016.

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