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About is a daily stock newsletter that combines our unique comprehensive proprietary research analysis method filter and focuses on cycle, technical and float analysis.
Here we look at price movement of a stock on a historical chart first and then use this information to predict future price movements. Once a price meets our visual approval we then go through our comprehensive research filter which includes fundamental analysis. We believe the price of a stock proceeds its fundamentals, sentiment and broader market psychology. We believe an aggregate, comprehensive, analytic approach is always necessary to profit, lower overall risk, preserve capital and succeed in the investment markets.


Our proprietary research method and comprehensive analysis targets precise low risk reversal buy and sell points for stocks within cycle trends and technical chart patterns. This provides us with a precise detailed technical forecast of thousands of potential high percentage moving stocks within short, intermediate and long term time frames. It works with both short term active trading and long term investing. We tell you what we are buying, where we set projected target forecast prices and when we are selling. We’ve worked years and logged thousands of hours creating our proprietary research high profit low risk method.

We Don’t Chase Stocks. Once we’ve pre-determined and identified a low risk stock reversal price point we then move in and establish a position and wait for that position to reach our objective. Because we have so many stock choices every day, if we miss that price and the stock takes off without us, we just move onto the next one. As soon as we identify a research stock idea we immediately pass it on to the subscriber.

Our Objectives

Research and find stocks that will make us the most money in the shortest period of time, to control or eliminate risk often associated with the investment markets, and have as many of our researched stocks show up on top ten percentage and price gainers lists on the NASDAQ and NYSE every day. Subscription Includes:

  • Proprietary research method
  • Data Mining & Statistical Analysis
  • Unlimited newsletter and chat alerts
  • Emailed Newsletter updates, and Emailed Picks
  • Live one way Chat Journal & Alert Service with watch list and commentary.
  • Short, Intermediate and Long Term stock forecasting.
  • Seven different newsletters that cover over 8000 stocks and 1200 ETF’s
  • Different styles of trading including: Swing Trading, Day Trading & Long Term Investing.
  • Risk reduction by preserving capital during broader market corrections
  • Low risk reversal price points for stocks, options and ETF’s
  • Global Auto trading service (Coming Soon)
  • Weekly Broader Market Updates
  • Individual Risk Identifiers for Stocks, ETF’s and Options


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