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TradeReversal.com is a daily stock and option newsletter that utilizes our unique, comprehensive, proprietary research method, which combines technical, fundamental, cycle, float, sentiment and broader market analysis, along with market psychology. We believe an aggregate comprehensive analytic approach is necessary to increase profit, lower overall risk, preserve capital and succeed in the investment markets. We’ve worked years and logged thousands of hours creating our high-profit, low-risk method.

Our analytic approach specifically targets and helps us identify future directional movements of thousands of stocks, which include the hottest and most talked-about stocks traded on Wall Street today.

Stocks that are ready to reverse one direction or another allowing us to go long or short a stock depending on its short term, intermediate or long term cycle. Although our research is unbiased and works with both long and short positions, we primarily look for neutral, basing or upward-trending stocks, identifying key low-risk timely buy support levels looking for explosive high percentage gains and maximum profits.

Our research provides us with a detailed forecast of thousands of potential high-percentage moving stocks and options reversal price points over short, intermediate and long term cycles. We employ an extensive technical, fundamental and risk-filtering process before making a final decision to buy a stock or option.

Our objective is to buy stocks as close to the penny at the lowest possible price — just before a short or long term move higher — to make the most money in the shortest period of time.

Our proprietary Short Term, Intermediate and Long Term research timeframes helps us as active traders or long term investors.

Short term: 1-10 days including Day Trading, Swing trading, Wave Trading, Intraday Trading

Intermediate Term: Once a stock moves from a Short to Intermediate cycle, we identify weekly or monthly technical trends and cycle buy price points allowing us to hold and profit better over longer periods

Long term: Identify historical, oversold and multi-year cycle reversal buy price points for holding over longer time frames and selling at overbought, long term cycle profit peaks to avoid broader market corrections and bear markets.


Broader Market Corrections and Bear Markets

When our research shows the broader markets are overbought and due for a correction we do our best to stay out of the markets and preserve capital. We believe in most cases it is best to sit and wait and do nothing during market declines. After steep declines we then look to position ourselves in equities after researching, pre-determining and identifying new short, intermediate and longer term reversal price points. We’ll use an Inverse ETF hedging or profit strategy at ETFReversal if our research shows the markets are at risk of a deeper more protracted bear market of 20% or more.



So let’s talk about risk. Lets be honest, Wall Street is a treacherous place full of tremendous risk, and this can’t be stressed enough. Once we’ve taken a position in a stock we cannot completely eliminate 100% of the risk; no one can. There is always a chance or variable percentage risk that cannot be controlled when taking a position in the stock market.

Research — and a lot of it — is the only way we can reduce risk with a degree of control. Our goal is to reduce the risk we can control to a minimum through our analytical filtering process.

We don’t chase stocks, and remain highly disciplined in our approach when applying our research. Once we’ve pre-determined and identified a stock reversal point, we then move in and establish a position and wait for that position to reach our objectives. Because we have so many stock choices every day, if we miss that price and the stock takes off without us, we simply move onto the next one.

Our goal is to always reduce and minimize risk while preserving capital. Once we’ve selected a stock we tag it as low, medium or high-risk based on our own opinion and research. This aids us when deciding how much risk should be taken before selecting a stock.


Our Objectives in Review

Research and find stocks that will make us the most money in the shortest period of time, to control or eliminate risk often associated with the investment markets, Preserve capital by avoiding broader market corrections, and have as many of our researched stocks show up on top ten percentage and price gainers lists on the NASDAQ and NYSE every day.

OUR APPROACH TOWARD short selling stocks:

Occasionally we find stocks to short at major historical resistance levels or when we feel the broader markets are extended and due for a pullback or correction. In raging bull markets this can be an extremely dangerous strategy — so having a hedge protection plan is essential.


TradeReversal.com Subscription Includes:

  • The hottest and most talked about stocks traded on Wall Street today.
  • Proprietary research method
  • Data Mining & Statistical Analysis
  • Unlimited newsletter and chat alerts
  • Emailed Newsletter updates, and Emailed Picks
  • Live one way Chat Journal & Alert Service with watch list and commentary.
  • Short, Intermediate and Long Term stock forecasting.
  • Seven different newsletters that cover over 8000 stocks and 1200 ETF’s
  • Different styles of trading including: Swing Trading, Day Trading & Long Term Investing.
  • Risk reduction by preserving capital during broader market corrections
  • Low risk reversal price points for stocks, options and ETF’s
  • Optional Global Auto trading service
  • Weekly Broader Market Updates
  • Individual Risk Identifiers for Stocks, ETF’s and Options



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